The Grand Plan

South Africa and Namibia:africa map

The plan as it stands is to spend about 6 to 8 months driving clockwise throughout Southern Africa. We will be starting in Pretoria once we have sufficiently kitted out “the Tortoise” heading to South Africa’s Northern Cape Coast and then up towards the most Southerly point of Namibia, along the Fish River Canyon, through the Kalahari and then out towards the Pans, up along the Skeleton Coast before moving East through Etosha and towards Botswana up through the Caprivi Strip.


A month or so in and around the Okavango Delta and Central Kalahari game reserves before crossing the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, into Chobe and eventually towards Zambia.


Once through Vic Falls we will probably follow the lake and drop into the Lower Zambezi before heading North to Mkushi and across through South Luangwa Game Reserve and onto Malawi.


Successfully  into Malawi we will head North East till we hit the Lake, follow its banks down to Liwonde, through the Tea Fields and Mulanje towards Mozambique and make a bee line for Harare.


From Harare we will start North into Mana, across to Charara and Kariba where we will follow its banks South to Hwange. We will then double back and head out to Vic Falls before moving East to Gweru, Great Zimbabwe and Nyanga and finally entering Mozambique.


In Mozambique we will head North through the interior to Mucojo from there we will hug the Coast in its entirety before cutting across into the Kruger and in doing so eventually drop into South Africa where we will follow the coast through Swaziland until we hit Lesotho. We will then turn around and head North back to Pretoria for a home cooked meal, ice cold beer, warm shower and a week long sleep.