About Us


Growing up in post Rhodesian Zimbabwe, and two years in Pretoria, I (Beani) decided to move overseas at the age of 18 for a change of scenery and a Degree. Having found the change i was looking for in Brisvegas, Australia I went on to complete a Bachelor of Business Marketing Major in a “little” over the specified time frame (we don’t talk about that) and ended up staying for just under a decade.

Simultaneously Tash (the prettier one) spent the first 20 years of her life in the Southern England, she has long been infected with a love of travel, and what started as a 3 month trip to meet a friend in China soon turned into a comprehensive tour of Asia, the South Pacific, and 9 years later resulted in a new home in Australia.



Needless to say Australia has been a happy home for the both of us for quite some time now, however, through an amalgamation of working for multinational corporates for the last 5 years, and struggling to find a real passion in which we are willing to invest the next 30 years of our working lives towards we drew the conclusion that we both wanted to see more of the world, and in particular, Africa. During months of sporadic discussions & deliberation out of the blue I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and after a successful surgery to remove part of it we decided to “pull the plug” on our corporate lives, challenge ourselves, delve into our interests and actually enjoy life. And thus the plan was born – circumnavigate Southern Africa, document our experiences of this amazing landscape and attempt, in our own way, to provide others with an insight into the hard and incredible work that people on the ground do daily to preserve and save this unique habitat and the animals within. Our vessel in which we will accomplish all of the above you ask….a Land cruiser shaped like a tortoise.

And so begins Tash & Beans Wild Life………